A true fairytale wedding in Denmark.


“Far out in the ocean the water is as blue as the petals of the loveliest cornflower, and as clear as the purest glass. But it is very deep too. It goes down deeper than any anchor rope will go, and many, many steeples would have to be stacked one on top of another to reach from the bottom to the surface of the sea. It is down there that the sea folk live. “

Thats the start of the famous fairytale about the little mermaid from H.C. Andersen. and as beauty as this story is, there is actually a country who has the statue of the little mermaid in their harbor. That country is Denmark, which is also the homeland of one of the most famous fairy tales authors – H.C. Andersen.

But back to the topic, if you want to get married in Denmark there a few things you should know and do before hand.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you and your partner are both above the age of 18 and are not already married or in a registered partnership.

If you meet these criteria, you will then need to gather some documents such as your birth certificate, passport, proof of residency and single status declaration. You can get more information about specific document requirements from your local Danish embassy or consulate.

Once you decide to get married in Denmark, i can assure you, that you have the option to go and see the little mermaid with your own eyes !

but how can i get married in Denmark you are asking, and that exactly what im going to cover in this article.

First of all let me introduce: Wedding Planner Denmark, a team of dedicated people, who can make your dream about getting married in Denmark come true .

You will have to contact them and set up a consultation first, which is completely free of charge. The team will then help you plan every aspect of your big day, from finding the perfect location, to arrange hotel staying and arranging all the legalities.

Wedding Planner Denmark will also be on hand to offer advice and support throughout the planning process, so you can relax and enjoy the build-up to your wedding day knowing that everything is taken care of.

If youre considering getting married in Denmark, then get in touch with Wedding Planner Denmark today to find out how they can help you plan the perfect celebration.

I cant even descripe how helpful wedding planner denmark was with our wedding.

We didnt know anything about how to get married in Denmark but luckily we found this company, which helped us with everything we needed to know and do.

They even helped us find the perfect location for our wedding day and organized our hotel stay. If youre thinking about getting married in Denmark, then get in touch with Wedding Planner Denmark today to find out how they can help you plan the perfect celebration.

Even though it was nice that there prices where very fair, and competitive.

I would say that the customer service is one of the best things about this company.

You can contact Wedding Planner Denmark here:

Website: www.weddingplannerdenmark.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +45 52 72 38 96


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